In the wake of a Natural Disaster we understand the emotional toll and impact it can have on you your business 

and community. In the 2014 South Napa earth quake our community was shook with a 6.0 magnitude earth quake

and we experienced firsthand the physical and emotional damage natural disasters cause. It was this event that thrusted Napa Valley Steaming into action to bring our home town back to life.


It is our goal to help you and our California communities get back to life as normal and help alleviate the seemingly impossible clean-up efforts after a Natural Disaster. With our eco-friendly cleaning techniques we can quickly and effectively clean and sanitize all kinds of property’s.


We also have the equipment necessary to clean, sanitize and collect spills such as oil, grease, fluids, bio- hazard’s and many other spill types. Our team proudly serves Napa, San Francisco, Bay Area, Sacramento, Sonoma County, Marin, San Mateo, Alameda County, Solano County, South Lake Tahoe, and many other Northern California areas. Providing our cleaning services for roadway spills, loading docks, factories, hospitals, railways, and much more!


  • Flood Mold & Mildew Remediation- Pressure Washing after a disaster can prevent rapid mold growth. 

  • Emergency Spill Cleanup- 24 Hour Emergency Service.

  • Bio-Hazard Cleanup- Sanitizing and cleaning sewage spills, blood, and bodily fluids.

  • Wild Fire Cleanup- Fires can leave behind ash, soot, fire retardant and smoke film on windows.

Natural Disaster & Fire Cleanup In California

Emergency Spill Cleaning

Flood, Fire & Spill Cleaning Services:

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